A Great Place to Live!

Bloomington/Normal is an important place to all of us at Keg Grove Brewing Company. It is where we live, it is where we work, it is where we want to create a business, and most importantly it is where we have all decided to raise our families. The Bloomington/Normal area has a lot to offer, and we want to bring one more exciting element to this community. We want to provide our community with a quality product and experience, all while giving back to the community we love.


A "Legendary" Name

We love our community so much, that it is in our name! According to the McLean County Historical Society, Keg Grove was the original name for the Bloomington/Normal area. Legend has it that back in the day, some trappers were passing through the area and they stashed a keg someplace in the grove. What was in the keg? No one knows for sure. Most infer that it was whiskey or rum, but we like to believe that is was full of a tasty American made ale. According to legend, after the keg was stashed, some Kickapoo Indians came across it and they were very curious. Who can blame them... we would have been curious and sampled it ourselves! Once they realized what was inside, they had a nice celebration enjoying the keg’s contents. From that moment forward, the area was referred to as Keg Grove. As time passed and pioneers settled, they renamed this area Blooming Grove, then finally the current name of Bloomington.


We want to recognize our area’s history, and bring Keg Grove back to Bloomington!